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I'm a broadcast & print journalist.

Anwar writes on culture, sports, urban affairs, Latin America, innovation and travel.

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Filmoresinside article
The Globe And Mail

Hedging in the Garden District: Strip club at centre of gentrification debate

Filmores is emblematic of the constant struggle between those who would preserve the city’s character and those who would transform it.

Regentpark article
The Globe And Mail

Residents patiently await rebranding of Toronto's Regent Park

A second wave of retail to a community undergoing a historical transformation.

Lcbonextimage article
The Globe And Mail

LCBO launches innovation hub in Kitchener

The LCBO, one of Ontario’s prized cash cows, has realized that a lot of the technology used by private-sector retailers is coming from innovation hubs rather than corporate headquarters.

P1050071 article
The Globe And Mail

Want to see a more serene side of Cuba? Hop on a bike.

Bike touring isn’t for visitors more inclined to sip mojitos at Varadero’s resorts, or those who hope to brush past Ernest Hemingway’s spirit in the touristy booze can La Bodeguita del Medio

Image 2 article
The Globe And Mail

Waterloo region is hopeful new airlinks will boost business

At least two small airlines are hoping to increase service to Waterloo, Ont. – a proposition that many locals believe would boost business in the fast-growing startup hub.

Murals14gt3 article
The Globe And Mail

The new face of street art

'Street art is a new vocabulary.' Toronto's dingy underpasses get a makeover.

Cards book article
The Globe And Mail

Hobby shops on guard for Connor McDavid frenzy

There’s considerable optimism that a messiah-like emergence of one player next season, Connor McDavid, will generate the kind of excitement that will lure fringe collectors back to the hobby.

Jobber %281 of 9%29 article
The Globe And Mail

In a fierce fight for talent, Canadian startups try to edge out Google

As young talent command more compensation, Canadian startups are trying to find ways to retain their share of the crop and stave off Silicon Valley and Big Tech.

Map crop article
The Globe And Mail

How businesses use data to find prime real estate

Small businesses are only beginning to adopt the practice as they aim to expand.

Kerala18tr1 article
The Globe And Mail

A secluded retreat for travellers seeking a different kind of India

Kalypura’s huts are elegant, featuring roofs made from coconut trees and banana-bark interior walls.

Anwar brandery00sr2 article
The Globe And Mail

Startup activity ramps up in the U.S. Rust Belt

Between handshakes on the coast, venture capitalists are attempting to make more pit stops here in recent years.

Eventphoto2 article
The Globe And Mail

Toronto startup targets brands with 'world's first' social drone

Brizi wants to give the people at mass gatherings, namely sporting events and concerts, a unique, out-of-reach vantage point to take selfies, or “dronies.”

Dog article
The Globe And Mail

Is the tech sector going to the dogs?

Tech entrepreneurs have sniffed out a growing market and they’re grooming a new generation of devices and apps.

Thinkstockphotos 83066223 article
The Globe And Mail

Founder burnout is common

... but it doesn't have to be.