Anwar Ali

Anwar Ali

I'm a broadcast & print journalist.

Anwar writes on culture, sports, urban affairs, Latin America, innovation and travel.

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Paul borlinha main.jpg.size.custom.crop.1086x722 article

Surviving the most gruelling desert marathons

Torontonian Paul Borlinha will attempt to conquer a 400-kilometre ultramarathon in the Gobi Desert.

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Wondereur puts art into otherwise unreachable hands

Online market for art expected to double from $1.6 billion within five years, but traditional art auctions are expected to endure.

Open uri20140725 20324 12alkzv article

Hungry? Homefed app connects eaters with home-cooked meals

In the spirit of underground supper clubs, Homefed wants to connect kitchen wizards with people who like to eat.

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TV star wardrobe only a click away

Sarah Juma is not much of a fashionista so she came up with an app that allows people to buy the outfits that TV star’s wear.

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Slave Lake looks ahead, one year after fire

A year after the fires that wiped out a third of Slave Lake, the wounds to its collective psyche are still healing.